Letter of the Day#24: Letter from Elin Wagner to Schwimmer

Chambers Green St. Leonards Trings [?] Hearts. England

May 3, 1928

Thanks very much for your letter! I did not for one moment think you unpolite. I know a bit of the circumstances and I know you for a very grateful and well-mannered person! However, it was nice to get a personal letter from you, all though I feel awfully sorry for your low spirits. My dear, I am sure wee need your help in the work, even if the contrary seems to be true. You cannot commit mental suicide, if so, I have no idea more of what you are, or have become. Life has not been very smiling or nice to me always and I often felt I was done for, run down and impossible to repair. And all of a sudden, there were green leafs [sic!] again and new hope and lots of new plans. But I have not been ill as you have and I am not a refugee. I have been able to work in my lines.

Yes, a pacifist has had lots of disappointments. But are not the Russian and the Kellogg proposals something wonderful after all? Peace and disarmament are now practical politics anyhow.

I sent you my birthday article, as Anna Lenah told me you would like to see it. It was a month ago. Have you not got it?

I keep hoping we will meet once more under better circumstances. If not, well one has to be brave, do as best as one can of every day and opportunity. With much love,


Elin Wagner

New York Public Library Manuscripts and Archives Division. Rosika Schwimmer Papers, Box 178.

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