Letter from Edith Wynner to Anna Kéthly

December 21, 1945

Miss Anna Kéthly

Member, National Assembly

Budapest, Hungary

Dear Miss Kéthly:

Having followed your career since you entered public life, I have always admired your courage and integrity.

It was therefore agonizing to her rumors about your fate since direct news with Hungary was cut. I was very happy, indeed, when authentic news told about your safe survival and reentry into Hungary’s public life.

I understand that you have been elected a member od the Nemzetgyűlés and are editor od the Social-Democratic Party’s magazine.

As an American of Hungarian origin, I have always been proud of Hungarian women’s record in the history of the past and in modern times.

I watched closely the news about women’s activities in Hungary and was distressed not to find any of the old leaders of the feminist-pacifist movement in the lists of those elected to the Nemzetgyűlés. I know that Mrs. Eugenie Miskolczy Meller and Melanie Vambery have died in the gas chambers but there must be some of the old leaders left alive and available for election to the Nemzetgyűlés.

It is also a great disappointment to me to see the list of the eleven members, living in exile, being elected as honorary members of the Nemzetgyűlés without seeing included Rosika Schwimmer that great woman who has been living as an exile in the United States since 1921.

There was certainly no other man or women of her generation wo gave as much international prestige to Hungary through her lifelong role in international progressive movements. Long before the World War began in 1914 and ever since she moved and enthused multitudes in many countries through her brilliant eloquence and unshakable devotion to the highest principles.

It was because of these qualities that she was refused American citizenship and has been living here as a stateless person.

I am calling your attention in this letter to Mme. Schwimmer’s lifelong great services in the hope that you will initiate steps to propose her election as honorary member of the Nemzetgyűlés in the way the eleven men were selected. Hungary would be honoring itself by acknowledging through this gesture what Mme. Schwimmer has meant to Hungary.

Wishing you all success in the tremendous work ahead of you,

Sincerely, yours,

Edith Wynner

New York Public Library Manuscripts and Archives Division. Rosika Schwimmer Papers, Box 425.

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