Letter of the Day#20: Letter from Schwimmer to Rebecca Shelley

April 28, 1928

Dear Rebecca,

My citizenship case has been tried last Friday but no verdict has been answered yet, nor does my lawyer know when they can expect it. I have not given out anything to the press but don’t know whether the Associated Press or other agents broadcasted it.

You can keep the book on the Peace Ship for a while longer though I must say why that man [Upton Sinclair] has done as much harm as anyone can do to the Peace expedition should be treated to it. You know that he has been saying libelous things about me all the time and I do feel that I want to do him any services. I don’t think he can be useful to you in your literary ambitions because in New York he I considered insane and nobody gives him any more interest.

Professor Hobbs has never answered. Those men have no sense of honor. They attack you and libel you and kill your name without utterly unwilling to learn the truth and even more unwilling to broadcast the truth. I thought as you are a Michigan citizen you might know something about the laws or might have some lawyer friends you would know something about it.

A lecturing engagement at the university would be most welcomed but I am not going to Chicago except in the case that I get citizenship. I then would have to take the catch of allegiance. In case of refusal the suit goes out to the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. I have nobody to arrange for a national election tour since the Militarists have so successfully frighten the agents from trying to place me. I don’t know of any enterprising person who would do the job. If you know anyone let me hear from you.

With best regards from both of us also to your husband,


New York Public Library Manuscripts and Archives Division. Rosika Schwimmer Papers, Box 178.

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