Letter from Schwimmer to the WILPF

July 31st, 1928

Women’s International League

for Peace and Freedom,

11 Rue du Vieux College,

Geneva, Switzerland


Thank you very much for your friendly cable of congratulation.

The two verdicts were a great moral victory. They are also highly gratifying symptoms of the fact that sanity is returning, when even a Pacifist of my type gets full justice in the courts. The matter however, is not yet settled in either case. Marvin has fled to El Paso, Texas, and it is highly importable that we will be able to collect anything from him. In the Citizenship matter, the Government might decide to appeal against the decree to the Supreme Court of Washington. Neither my Lawyer, nor I, think this step probable. The fact is, however, that I have not yet been called to Chicago for the Oath of Allegiance, so that I am not yet naturalized.

I sent the other day a copy of Mrs. Obergon’s expression against vengeance toward the assassin of her husband. I asked Mrs. Lloyd to hand it to you for your archives. I suppose you have copies of Mrs. Rathenau’s letter to the mother of her son’s assassin, and also the beautiful letter of Mrs. Mattioti. My copies of these two letters are somewhere in Chicago amongst files stored away so that I cannot dig them out. I want to write an article on these three letters, and would therefore be much obliged if you would let me have a copy of the Rathenau and Mattioti letters.

I see from Pax that Miss Balch is at present in Geneva. Will you kindly express to her also my thanks for her letter of congratulation from England.

With best regards,

Very sincerely,


New York Public Library Manuscripts and Archives Division. Rosika Schwimmer Papers, Box 180.

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