Letter from Schwimmer to her “fellow-Horthy Refugees”

54 Riverside Drive

New York 24, N.Y.

October 26, 1945

My dear fellow-Horthy Refugees:

Enclosed I am sending you a copy of Henry Wales’ report from Hungary, published in the Chicago Tribune on October 15th.

I would be the highest irony of the fate if Horthy, whose regime initiated the horrors, improved upon by Mussolini and perfected by Hitler, would escape trial as a war criminal. As the British and Americans claim not to be able to decide with what crime to charge him, I think we Horthy-refugees should get together for some kind of joint action. Horthy victims of the different categories should jointly make Horthy’s crime documentary. As even the Russians withdraw the demand that Horthy should stand trial I consider it our duty to testify.

I have not only a copy of the Wedgewood Committee Report, but many other publications which can be presented as documentary evidence.

I would like to invite you and a few other leading Horthy-victims for an urgent meeting to discuss in what form to act, and then to invite all the Horthy Refugees in the United States to sign or participate in whatever form we decide to prove Horthy’s criminality.

As the mail is very erratic, I would appreciate your telephoning me to decide when to meet.

Sincerely yours,

Rosika Schwimmer

New York Public Library Manuscripts and Archives Division. Rosika Schwimmer Papers, Box 423.

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