Letter of the Day#4: Letter from Rosika Schwimmer to Olga Misař

March 12, 1928.

Dear Mrs. [Olga] Misar:

The enclosed will explain to you my seeming impoliteness. But as I didn’t wish to write only my thanks, I kept on waiting for the mental and physical condition under which I could have written more adequately. I think I have arrived now at some kind of mental suicide. Aging in years, yet still of the desire to do my share of the world’s work. I have been fighting a terrible struggle with myself to kill this desire. I had to realize definitely that the world does not want my work. So I am starting to clear up what’s left of the past, and at this stage I want to assure you that the loyal support you have always given me was always a great comfort to me.

The loss of Vilma, of whom I hadn’t the slightest idea that she was even mildly ill, was a shock which I have not yet overcome. I am sure you will also miss her. I know she cared very much for you.

The militarization of the whole world goes on vigorously and Pacifism at least what I can see of it is more intense than ever. Since the Dublin Congress dropped the objects of the W.[omen’s] I.[nternational] L.[eague]. I have entirely withdrawn even from plain membership. I can’t see any sense in an international organization which has no international object.

Mrs. Lloyd is back in America bur as she is in Texas it is nearly as if she were in Europe.

I would appreciate news about you personally and about our friends very much. Not knowing Mrs. [Else] Beer-Anger[er]’s address I beg you to hand her my enclosed letter of thanks. I understand that there was some mixup with the signatures of the Birthday Message and that some signatures might have been lost in transmission to me. If you happen to know of any Austrian besides you too who have signed it, kindly let me know so that I may thank them.

With best wishes, and kindest regards,

Cordially yours,

Rosika Schwimmer

New York Public Library Manuscripts and Archives Division.Rosika Schwimmer Papers, Box 177.

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