Letter of the Day#10: Letter from Rosika Schwimmer to the Editorial Office of the Jewish Daily Bulletin

March 28, 1928

Jewish Daily Bulletin,

611 Broadway,

New York City,

Dear Sirs:

To my great regret I am unable to subscribe to the Jewish Daily Bulletin which you were good enough to send me for some time. Having been deprived from earning my living by the living by the persecution in consequence Mr. Ford’s former anti-Semite campaign, I am limited in my budget so that it does not permit subscriptions of publications however much I care for them.

May I take this occasion to say that your Bulletin was a very important source of information while it came to me and that I will greatly miss it. Should my circumstances permit me the luxury I shall certainly consider your Bulletin amongst the first publications I shall subscribe for.

Very truly yours,

Rosika Schwimmer

New York Public Library Manuscripts and Archives Division. Rosika Schwimmer Papers, Box 177.

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