Letter of the Day#9: Letter from Rosika Schwimmer to Carrie Chapman Catt

March 21, 1928.

Mrs.Carrie Chapman Catt,

My dear Mrs. Catt:

When I came to live in New York, some friends suggested my joining the Woman’s City Club. Having met much unfriendliness in Chicago, I told them I would wait whether the New York women would be friendlier to me before I would consider joining a Club. During the year here, I found very much friendliness among old and new friends. I was repeatedly entertained in different Clubs, guest cards offered to me, etc. Previously, the Vassar Club had also repeatedly given me the privilege of staying there during brief visits in New York…

After Mother’s death, in the process of rearranging our life without her, and the suggestion to join the City Club having meantime repeatedly been made, I agreed to Miss Katherine Leckie proposing me as a member. I had asked her whether my not being a citizen would not exclude me from membership. She assured me it would not.

It was only recently that I learned she had requested you to sponsor my application, something I would never have permitted her to do if she had consulted me about it. I know you have been much annoyed by your past connections with me, and would do anything to prevent your being bothered any more with my affairs. It was also accidentally that I learned that before my application was officially announced, there was a heated discussion about my person, with much derogatory comment, which caused Miss Leckie to withhold my application. Besides being sorry that you have been troubled in the matter, I am very angry that Miss Leckie submitted me to such a treatment in a social matter. In public life I can stand any just or unjust criticism, but in social matters I am very sensitive, and regret that I had to live to be snubbed by a Club, something that never has happened to me before.

I wish hereby to assure you that you have [unfinished].

New York Public Library Manuscripts and Archives Division. Rosika Schwimmer Papers, Box 177.

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