Letter of the Day#11: Letter from Rosika Schwimmer to Leopold Katscher

2 West 83rd Street,

New York City, N.Y.

March 29, 1928.

Dear Uncle:

In Dr. [Helene] Stöcker’s magazine I saw your review of Westermarck’s “A Short History of Marriage”. This is a coincident as I am just hunting for my copy of Westermarck’s History od Marriage which you translated and which with many important books on Feminism was lost when I lent my books to the members of our Association. I have been writing to Budapest to try to recover Westermarck’s book as well as Lily Braun’s “Die Frauenfrage” and some other books which I need very urgently.

I have the prospect to write a history of Feminism and the publisher wants me to submit an outline. For this outline, I need Westermarck’s book. I wonder whether you could let me have this short history of which you wrote, or whether you could have MacMillan send me a copy, free of charge. Unfortunately, my budget does not permit buying books, and I need it very much. Lillie [sic!] Braun’s book I need even more, yet do not find any one who has got a copy of it. Do you happen to know some one who would be willing to lend it to me? I would pledge to return it.

We are not yet adjusted to the new life without Mother. Both of us are busy but not satisfied because we are not doing what we would like to do, not able to earn a living. Franzi has a few paying pupils which is better than the situation last year when she had only pupils who she taught gratis.

What are you doing and how is your health. As there is nothing particular to tell, I won’t waste your time.

With best wishes also from Franzi,



New York Public Library Manuscripts and Archives Division. Rosika Schwimmer Papers, Box 177.

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