Letter from Carrie Chapman Catt to Schwimmer on the Feminists’ Association

New York, April 22nd, 1905.

International Woman Suffrage Alliance

Miss Rosika Schwimmer,

VII. Arena Str. 7, Budapest, Ungarn, Hungary.

My dear little Friend:

I am delighted to learn that the Hungarian Association has consented to become auxiliary to the International Alliance. We are glad to welcome it. I shall write a letter at once in reply to the official one which I have received from the President and Secretary. One thing puzzles me greatly. At the head of the letter is the name “Glücklich Vilma” but then the name is signed “Vilma Glücklich” as President. I do wonder why this is so!

You need not apologize for your English. You will not need to work so very hard to quite master it. I have been studying German since I came home from Berlin, and a busy woman, such as I am, has so many interruptions, that study of any kind is difficult. If I could only write German as well as you write English, I should be very much encouraged. Nevertheless, I am persevering, and hope to be able to read at least understandingly. When I do, I shall come over to Budapest and pay the New Hungarian Society a visit perhaps.

I am very glad indeed to write you my opinion upon marriage, as you suggest.

I am going to make a note of your new organization in the Women’s Journal and will send you a copy.

It is practically settled, although the vote has not yet been taken, that our meeting in England will be held the last week in May, next year, 1906. I shall hope to see you there, as well as the other Hungarian ladies. In the meantime, let me know anything important which happens in Hungary in reference to our women’s movement.

With best wishes for you personally, and for the prosperity of the new Society, I am

Faithfully yours,

Carrie Chapman Catt

I have been keeping this letter all this time, thinking each day that I should write the little article you wish on marriage, but I have not found time. Later I shall do so, and will send it when I can.



New York Public Library Manuscripts and Archives Division. Rosika Schwimmer Papers, Box 6.

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